Weimaraner Breed - Dog & Puppy Information & Characteristics

There have been numerous theories cited over the origins of the Weimaraner. One fact remains certain, that the Weimaraner had much Leithund blood in it. These dogs were kept during the first third of the 19th century at the Court of Weimar. Towards the middle of the century the dogs were found almost exclusively in the hands of professional hunters and forest officials in central Germany, especially in the regions of Weimar and Thuringia.

These dogs were usually bred for performance and when the days of the Leithund ended, these breeders crossed their dogs with Huhnerhund (refers to Pointers and Setters) and continued these matings further. The Weimaraner is the oldest German pointing breed, and has been pure bred for about 100 years.

The versatile Weimaraner (nicknamed the ‘Grey Ghost’ due to its unique colour) is a dedicated companion dog. From the early years of the breed to the present day, they have lived with people as dedicated companions and hunting dogs.

Average lifespan
Weimaraners live to about 12 years. The oldest known in Victoria was 18.

Average size and weight
57cm to 70cm
25kg to 40kg

Breed personality, characteristics & temperament
Weimaraners are a breed for those people who enjoy a dog that is intensely devoted and responsive to attention - they demand attention - and will follow owners from room to room, usually lying down with body contact when owners sit down. They are wonderful with children, protective, fun loving, easy to train, and can be quite the clown.

Compatibility with other pets
They usually get along with other pets especially if introduced at a young age, however, rabbits, ducks or game are not recommended.

Care requirements
Daily running in a park or large area and some training to exercise their brain prevents them from becoming bored and destructive. Regular brushing with a rubber grooming mitt is best. It needs grooming more often when losing hair. This usually occurs twice a year. Regular bathing, cleaning of ears, trimming of toe-nails and dental care are essential too.

Please take note
The decision to own a Weimaraner should be considered carefully as they require an active person who is prepared to give it the exercise, love and attention it demands. They do not like to be relegated to the back yard and forgotten. Once you decide upon the breed you will become one of the many who firmly believe that this is the most wonderful breed in the world and could never live without one.

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