Pedigree® Puppy Food

Give your puppy the best start with PEDIGREE® Puppy Food that provides complete & balanced nutrition to meet their nutritional needs, it provides essential nourishment for a happy, healthy life. Choose PEDIGREE® Puppy Food for your growing companion!


Healthy Growth for Happy Puppies: How PEDIGREE Puppy Food Helps

Bringing a new puppy home is such a joyful journey! It's filled with fun playtimes, adorable moments, and a special connection that gets stronger every day. While you're enjoying all the cuddles and play, it's important to remember one of the essential aspects of pet parenting — meeting your puppy’s day-to-day nutritional needs. This can be challenging, but feeding your pooch right becomes easy with PEDIGREE. Our range of puppy food is packed with all the goodness your little furry friend needs to stay healthy and happy.

From mother's milk to tailored nutrition

Just like us, our furry little friends begin their lives with the most natural and essential nourishment — their mother's milk. This milk is packed with vital nutrients that bolster their immune systems and encourage healthy growth. As our puppies grow and move away from their mother's milk, it's important to continue providing them with nutrition that mirrors this perfect start.

Here, at PEDIGREE, we have crafted our puppy dog food with this in mind. Our goal? To offer your precious pup a balanced and nurturing diet that closely resembles the nutritional richness of a mother's milk.

Why choose PEDIGREE puppy food?

We understand that your puppy's early months are crucial. That's why our puppy dog food is specially formulated with essential nutrients to support their growing bodies. With a perfect blend of zinc and vitamin A, it strengthens your puppy's immune system. Additionally, the right mix of calcium and phosphorus ensures the development of robust teeth and bones, vital during these formative months. Plus, our food includes DHA and choline for the healthy development of your puppy’s nervous system.

Tailored nutrition for every puppy

Each puppy is unique, and so are their nutritional needs. Recognizing the rapid growth and high-energy demands of puppies, our PEDIGREE puppy food is a perfect blend of science and love. It's designed to support your puppy's boundless energy with complete and balanced nutrients.

Variety for every need

We offer a range of puppy food options to cater to the diverse needs at every stage of your puppy's development. Whether you have a small or large breed or need specialized food like dental care or mother and baby dog food, PEDIGREE has a formula tailored for your puppy's specific nutritional requirements.

Optimal digestion for happy tummies

A healthy digestive system is key for nutrient absorption. Our puppy dog food is crafted with the right balance of fiber to promote healthy digestion and maximum nutrient absorption in puppies, ensuring optimal growth and health.

Feeding your puppy right

Every puppy is unique, and so are their dietary needs. While our general guidelines provide a good starting point, it's important to adjust the feeding amount to your puppy's individual needs. Always provide fresh water and seek personalized advice from your vet regarding your puppy's diet.

Feeding Guide

Pet parents often have a hard time understanding the right quantity of food for their fur babies. Hence, it is always best to look at the label and follow the feeding guidelines provided by the brand. So, let’s take a look at the feeding guide for our puppy food range:

Body WeightGram Per Day
5 kg85 g
10 kg145 g
20 kg245 g
30 kg335 g
40 kg415 g
50 kg490 g


As your puppy grows, their nutritional needs will change. By choosing PEDIGREE puppy dog food, you are doing more than just feeding your little canine companion. You are basically laying a solid foundation for a healthy life. So, choose PEDIGREE for a joyful, healthy journey together with your beloved puppy.


Frequently asked questions

Puppies can eat specially formulated puppy dog food daily, providing balanced nutrition for their growth needs. It's important to choose food designed for puppies, as it contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Yes, PEDIGREE is good for puppies. It offers tailored nutrition to support their growth and development, with vital nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin A, and Calcium.

Puppies can start eating Pedigree from about 6-8 weeks old, transitioning from mother's milk to solid food. Always introduce new food gradually to ensure they adapt well.