Nutritional Dry Dog & Puppy Food

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FAQs on Dry Dog Food

Yes. You can feed dry dog food just you need to ensure 3 things. First, you select the right product base on their life stage. Second, you follow feeding guide recommendation that would provide right amount of food based on their body weight to ensure they won’t be over/under fed. Lastly, make sure if the product is completed and balance, meet all dog nutritional testing requirements of Association of American Feed Control Official (AFFCO) and National Academy of Science (NRC).

Dry dog foods  vary considerably in their quality and adequacy. There are many factors to consider in the selection and choosing of dry food for dogs. This is particularly important when a dog food is to be fed as a major part of a pet's diet. Some of the considerations include-

  • Is the food complete and balanced?
  • How palatable /digestible is the food?
  • How much does it cost to feed?
  • What is the reputation/credibility of the manufacturer? Do they have qualified and experienced experts and veterinary nutritionists. Do they have facilities to meet pet food standards? Are they easily approachable to get further information on pet food?
  • But perhaps the most important consideration in selecting a dry food for a dog is its nutrient content, not just the level of nutrients but also the digestibility and availability of nutrients. Labels provide some useful information in deciding the merits of the food, such as: Ingredient list, Analysis, Nutritional Adequacy statement, Energy density and Suggested feeding regimes. Currently regulations state that all pet food labels must contain the following: Product name Net weight, Name and address of the manufacturer, Guaranteed analysis for crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, and moisture, List of ingredients in descending order by weight (from maximum to minimum), A statement of nutritional adequacy or purpose of the product and the method that was used to substantiate the nutritional adequacy claim

As wet and dry dog foods have many differing benefits; we recommend feeing both wet and dry dog food every day. Wet food is a great way to give your dog a hydration boost as it contains high moisture content which benefits to urinary tract and help to boost up your dogs appetize, while dry food is excellent in providing good dental health and chewing dry kibbles also help dogs to relieve stress.

Yes, it can mix in the same bowl to enhance tastiness as dog would enjoy 2 different texture; meaty texture from Wet and crunchy from Dry dog food while still get completed and balance nutrition, if following mix feeding guide recommendation on pack. However, ideally feeding if owner has no budget constraint, it is highly recommended to feel with dual format by separated meal; Morning with Dry format and Dinner with Wet format, as mixing in the same bowl even it is flavorful, but it will dilute benefit of cleaning teeth from crunchy texture that providing from Dry format.