How PEDIGREE® Dog Food Calculator Will Help You

The PEDIGREE® Dog Food Calculator is an online tool that has been designed with a program to calculate the amount of dog food that you should feed your dog. It asks you for a few simple inputs and based on them, suggests to you some complete & balanced dog food options that you can feed your dog. Along with that, the dog food calculator answers the basic question: how much to feed a dog, as per their breed and body weight.

How Much Wet Food Should I Feed a Dog?

Wet food has high moisture content, which makes it an additional source of hydration for dogs. With this type of dog food, you ensure sufficient water intake to keep kidney and urinary tract issues at bay. Hence, here’s how much wet food you must feed your dog every day: at least 85 grams per kilogram of your pet’s body weight. That is, if your doggo weighs 20 kilograms then, it will need approximately 1,700 grams of wet food every day.

How Much Dry Food Should I Feed a Dog?

Creating a good mix of wet and dry food offers variety, which makes every-day meals interesting for your canine friend. Dry dog food is essential as it contains several nutritional elements. Since it encourages your dog to chew, it also prevents tartar build ups. Hence, it is recommended to feed approximately 20-30 grams of dry dog food per kilogram of your pooch’s body weight. Basically, if your dog weighs 20 kilograms, you should provide it with 400-600 grams of dry food every day. This needs to be equally divided into three meals to avoid over or underfeeding the pooch.

Note: Since nutritional requirements of your fur baby depend on multiple other factors like breed type and health conditions, it is best to consult a veterinarian and get a comprehensive feeding guide for your dog.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use the Dog Feeding Calculator

Using PEDIGREE® ' s Dog Food Calculator is a simple process. Here is a step-by-step guide to using the dog feeding calculator and getting quick results:

  1. Firstly, visit the PEDIGREE® Official Website ( Click on the ‘Feeding Tab’
  2. Click on ‘Feeding Calculator’ from the subtabs that opens up
  3. Provide relevant dog information such as dog’s name, breed type, weight (in kg), age, and gender
  4. Click on ‘Submit’
  5. The page will quickly display the results of feeding recommendation of dog food from PEDIGREE®
  6. The results will also display the number/amount of servings of each of those dog food options that you should feed your pet.

Why is Calculating the Amount of Dog Food Important?

All dogs are different. Whether it is because of their breed, body weight, age, or activity level, different dogs have different energy needs. And it is extremely important to understand the correct amount of food that the dogs need as per their energy needs. Hence, it becomes necessary to calculate the amount of food to feed your dog, so they stay fit and healthy. Here are the common factors that can help determine the amount of food your dog needs:

  1. Age of your dog: Younger pups are more active and have higher metabolism rates, and hence, need more calories than adult and senior dogs. Puppies also need more protein, calcium, and phosphorus. Senior dogs have a low calorie and high protein requirement.
  2. Activity level: Active dogs need more calories than inactive dogs.
  3. Dog Food Type: The amount of dog food you should feed also depends on the type of food you select – dry or wet dog food.
  4. Size of the dog: Small dogs have small stomachs and thus require high calorie-density from their food to ensure that they are fed well.

Other factors that may temporarily affect your dog’s food requirements include injuries or sickness (your dog may need more calories to heal faster), and pregnancy or lactation period (during which time a dog requires more calories).

Frequently Asked Questions on Dog Feeding Calculator

Always keep an eye on your dog’s behaviour and daily habits. If you suddenly notice a drop in their activity level or if you notice a sudden loss in their weight, one of the reasons for those changes might be improper or insufficient feeding.

Feeding dogs once a day is not recommended by most vets, as it can cause them vomiting and digestive disorders. For adult dogs, their recommendation is to feed them twice a day. Younger pups, especially those from smaller breeds, may require even more servings per day, as their energy requirement is significantly higher.

To get a proper idea of your dog’s dietary requirements based on their weight, you can refer to a dog food chart, which indicates the amount of dry food, wet food, or a mixture that you should feed your dog. Besides their weight, the amount will also depend on your dog’s age and activity level. For instance, dogs weighing between 11 to 23 kg should be fed 6 ounces of wet food, mixed with about 1½ - 2 cups of dry food, daily. You can also refer to Pedigree’s Dog Food Calculator, which suggests to you some ideal dog food options and the number of servings you should give, based on your dog’s age, breed, and weight.

In terms of dry dog food, one cup of dog food would refer to 8 oz (8 ounces) of dog food. 1 ounce contains 28.35 grams, which means, 1 cup would contain 8 x 28.35 = 226.8 grams.

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