PEDIGREE® Wet Dog Food

PEDIGREE® wet dog food offers a tasty & healthy meal to make bonding moments between you and your dog more enjoyable. Strengthen your bond with your furry friend with PEDIGREE® wet dog food today!


Looking for the best wet dog food for your furbaby?      
PEDIGREE® Wet Dog Food offers a tasty & healthy meal to make bonding moments between you and your dog more enjoyable.

Wet Dog Food Product Range

  • Puppy Wet Dog Food

    Your puppy is growing and he will begin to know the world by sniffing and biting everything around him, that’s why he needs a food that nourishes him and helps him grow healthy and protected. PEDIGREE® Puppy Dog Food Nutri Defense provides DHA, fiber and calcium that your puppy needs and helps him strengthen his immune system so he can grow healthy and happy.

  • Adult Wet Dog Food:

    • Adult PEDIGREE® Pouch in Gravy: 

      PEDIGREE® Pouch in gravy comes with meaty chunk in gravy with great aroma that your dogs will surely love. There are 3 flavours – Beef flavour, Chicken flavour, and Chicken & liver flavour.

    • Adult PEDIGREE® Pouch Loaf: 

      PEDIGREE® Pouch loaf with vegetables comes with meaty loaf that contain carrot and pumpkin. Absolutely tasty! Definitely mess-free! There are 2 flavours – Grilled liver loaf with Vegetables and Simmer beef loaf with Vegetables.

    • Adult PEDIGREE® canned dog food: 

      PEDIGREE® canned dog food gives your dog an enjoyable meal every day. Produced from quality meat and selected vegetables which are carefully cooked to preserve the essential nutrition he needs. It is also enriched with Vitamin E and Omega 6 for healthy skin and a beautiful coat. The superb taste from real meat ensures pure enjoyment for him. Your dog will think it's a meal you cooked just for him!.

Key Benefit & Nutritious Value of Wet Dog Food

  • It comes with deliciously nutritious recipe from truly selected ingredients
  • Enrich with 38 essential nutrients to support healthy immune system of your dogs to keep them happy & healthy.
  • It’s available in both can and pouch format with a variety of flavours to choose so your dogs will never get bored!

How to Feed Wet Dog Food

The best feeding is Mixed-feeding. We recommend to feed dry and wet dog food together everyday for healthy and happy dogs. Dry food in the morning and Wet food in the evening.

FAQs on Wet Dog Food

PEDIGREE® Wet Dog Food last 24 months.

You can feed wet food to your dog everyday but not every meal. The best feeding is Mixed feeding (both dry dog food and wet dog food) because both type of food can offer different benefits to your dog.

  • Dry Dog Food Benefits

    • Chewing dry kibble helps to keep your dog’s teeth healthy by reducing plaque and tartar build-up.
    • Unlike wet food, kibble does not require refrigeration after opening and can be left out.
    • Dry food is more pocket friendly and affordable in terms of price per meal


  • Wet dog food benefits

    • Meaty & Tasty.
    • Ideal for fussy eaters or dogs with illnesses, wet dog food is made primarily of protein and fat with few carbohydrates and is tastier as well as easily digested.
    • With its high moisture content (75% to 80%) wet dog food helps keep your furry friend hydrated, benefiting the urinary tract.
    • Contain less calories per gram than dry food.

It depends on age and breed of your dog. Each life stage and each breed need different amount of food. Moreover, it also depends on how you feed your dog in a day. You feed only wet dog food or your feed dry dog food and wet dog food together. The amount is also different.

You can refer the right from the table below and also from back of pack of PEDIGREE® wet dog food.


Recommended Feeding Per Day For Adult Dog


Dog BreedWet Food
(Pouch 130g)
Mix FeedingMix Feeding
  Wet food
(Pouch 130g)
Dry Food
(1-5 kg.)
1-40.5Up to 80 g
(5-10 kg.)
4-60.580-140 g
(10-25 kg.)
6-111140-260 g



Recommended Feeding Per Day For Puppy

Size of
Puppy (kg.)
Solus feed (Pouch/Day)Solus feed (Pouch/Day)Solus feed (Pouch/Day)Solus feed (Pouch/Day)
 2-4 mths4-6 mths6-7 mths9-12 mths
(1-5 kg.)
1-52-52-5Change to adult food
(5-10 kg.)
(10-25 kg.)

Both PEDIGREE® dry food and PEDIGREE® wet food have complete & balanced nutrition so in term of nutrition, you can ensure that your dogs receive all essential nutrients that they need.

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