4 Ways to Keep Your Dog's Joints Healthy

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Joint pain is a common condition that can affect dogs of all ages. This condition can influence their quality of life and can even turn into something serious if not treated at the right time. It can be difficult to identify the signs of joint pain in dogs unless you are aware of what symptoms to look for. While a senior dog’s joint is more susceptible to pain than the younger ones, dogs of all ages can experience joint pain. If your pooch is showing signs of discomfort and irritation, get in touch with a vet at the earliest to be sure.

Foods for joint health in dogs can make all the difference. If you are looking to include nutritious ingredients in your pet’s diet to avoid joint issues, consider health supplements. There are many dog joint supplements available in the market today that can help your floof maintain its joint health! Keep reading to learn more about joint care for dogs.

4 ways to maintain healthy dog joints

  • Regular vet visits

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your dog is healthy. The bare minimum that you can do for your pet is to take it to a vet regularly. Even if there isn’t any cause for concern, pet visits are a must. Sometimes, the onset of a disease can showcase symptoms that cannot be identified by anyone but a professional. By scheduling regular visits, you provide your dog with the health security it deserves.

  • Exercise regularly

Like humans, exercising regularly is the key to a longer and healthier life! Take your floof for regular walks and make sure it is exercising enough for its age. If you are looking to switch things up for your pet, you can also take it swimming. Swimming can help de-stress your dog and relax its body. While exercising is important, it is also important to make sure that your dog is not doing any strenuous exercises that will affect its joints. All you need is a few minutes of movement every day.

  • Weight management:

Weight management is crucial for dogs as it ensures that their joints are not taking on any extra load. Maintaining your dog’s ideal weight will help avoid numerous health diseases and treatments. The best way to effectively manage your dog’s weight is to consult a vet. A vet can provide you with the right meal plans and nutritional info that will help maintain your dog’s weight!

  • High-quality food and supplements:

Feeding your dog good quality food is a must. Especially since dogs are so active, they need to maintain their protein intake. While nutritious food is extremely important, supplements should not be neglected. Various health supplements can help your dog gain the nutrition it needs. For example, giving your pet dog joint supplements ensures that it is getting all the right nutrition. Invest in a good quality dog joint supplement for the wellness of your pet.

What to look for in foods and supplements for dog joint nourishment

Looking for the best dog food for joint health? Here’s what you need to keep an eye out for:

  • Ingredients 

When looking for a good dog joint supplement, make sure it has ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and green-lipped mussels. Glucosamine helps alleviate stiffness and pain, whereas chondroitin stimulates cartilage repair and works best when coupled with the former. Native to New Zealand, green-lipped mussels contain amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals which have joint-protecting anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Manufacturing and product requirements 

Ensure that the products you choose to buy are manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards. It is also extremely important to look for the shelf life of the product before buying it. Moreover, buying a product closer to the expiration date may just go to waste.

  • Feeding and dosage guidelines 

Every supplement comes with its feeding and dosage guidelines. It is important for supplement products to have these guidelines, so customers know the appropriate amount for their pets. Usually, dog joint supplements have feeding and dosage guidelines according to age and dog weight.

  • Taste and smell 

It is best to opt for a dog joint supplement that is more like a chewy treat instead of a pill. Some dogs easily eat supplements, no matter how they are administered. On the other hand, some dogs may need some persuading. Finding a supplement that smells good and looks like a treat will make your job easier!

It is your responsibility to protect your pet’s health as its parent. Effective dog joint supplements coupled with good quality nutritious food are all your dog needs to maintain healthy joints. Invest in a good joint health supplement today and give your dog a long and healthy life

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Frequently asked questions

Spinach, pumpkin, ginger roots, turmeric, fatty fish, sweet potatoes, and blueberries are some foods that help improve joint health for dogs. Add these foods to your dog’s meal for a nutritious kick. 

If you are looking to improve your dog’s joint health, invest in a good joint health supplement. Doing so will make sure that your dog receives the nutrition it needs to maintain healthy joints. 

Apart from including foods for joint health in dogs, you can administer good joint health supplements. Joint health supplements are packed with ingredients that help repair damaged cartilage, stiffness, and inflammation.  

Sometimes we may not be able to identify symptoms of joint damage in dogs. If your dog seems to be in pain, is restless and constantly barking, or has difficulty moving around, there’s a chance that it is because of joint pain. Take it to the vet immediately if something like this happens.